DSE Assessor Training

This DSE assessor course is designed for those who are looking to become a DSE assessor in their workplace in order to minimise the risks posed by DSE equipment. As no previous knowledge is required, anyone at any level of their business can take this course and it is applicable to any environment in which DSE is used.


This course will educate you about what your duties are as a DSE assessor. It will familiarise you with what to look out for when assessing users workstations, how to best set up equipment, what postures users should adopt, and other ways to minimise the strain imposed on users’ bodies. With this knowledge, you will be fully prepared to recognise hazards and risks and take action to rectify any problems with users’ workstations so their wellbeing is guaranteed.


Course Syllabus:

  • Presentation talk & DVD
  • What is DSE
  • Regulations
  • Health problems
  • Workstation set-up
  • Posture
  • Theory test


Course Length:   2 hours

Certificate valid:  3 years


Cost of course at either your venue or ours:-


Up to 3 candidates         £295

Additional Candidates   £25 each



(Prices are subject to VAT at the current rate)