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JJ Medics Appeals Policy



JJ Medics provides a high quality training solution. However we recognise that problems, disagreements and disputes can occur. In order to ensure that these events are resolved promptly JJ Medics have the following appeals policy in place.


All learners will be made aware of the JJ Medics appeals procedure at the start of their course or qualification.



All appeals shall be submitted in writing to JJ Medics within 30 days of the occurrence which prompts the appeal.


JJ Medics will acknowledge receipt of the appeal within 5 working days.


The usual appeal process within the JJ Medics, will follow:-


  • Appeal with Trainer, if not resolved:
  • Move to an independent Trainer/Internal Quality Assurer


JJ Medics will then conduct an investigation in to the circumstances of the appeal. The Appellant shall be notified in writing as to the outcome of that investigation within 15 working days from the date of acknowledgement.


A detailed record of the investigation will be maintained by the centre as this will be monitored through the centre’s own self-assessment process and AoFAQ’s External Quality Assurance Process.


Escalation to AoFAQ

No more than 4 weeks from the date of the notification of the outcome of the investigation into the initial appeal shall pass before matters are escalated to AoFAQ, if required.

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