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Counterbalance Training Course Dartford

Course Introduction

The counterbalance forklift stands as a highly preferred choice in a variety of workplace settings. Our training program is specially designed for Dartford-based businesses, offering on-site instruction.

We are equipped to train candidates with a wide range of experience levels, from complete novices to seasoned operators. Our training covers the secure handling of counterbalance forklifts within the workplace and its surroundings.

Throughout the course duration, trainees will undergo comprehensive evaluations, including both written and practical assessments. Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate as proof of their completion of fundamental training.

Counterbalance Training Course Dartford


  • Legal requirements including HASAWA 1974, PUWER 1998, LOLER 1998 and MHSWR 1999
  • Rated capacity and plate
  • Stability and instability factors
  • Fundamentals of counterbalance
  • Conducting and documenting pre-operation checks
  • Battery charging and re-fueling
  • Incidents and associated risks
  • Made aware of unsafe practices / behaviors


  • Correct mounting and dismounting
  • Correct observational checks
  • Start, stop, emergency stop
  • Travel at speed to suit load and ground conditions
  • Manoeuvring in confined area, forward and reverse
  • Performing 90 degree turns to both left and right
  • Correct parking of truck


  • Accurate mounting and dismounting techniques
  • Safe travel position
  • Correct insertion and withdrawal of forks
  • Safe stacking and de-stacking at different heights
  • Correct use of all controls
  • Vehicle loading and unloading

On Site Safety Training!

All instructors have appropriate certification
All instructors have appropriate certification
Train anywhere in UK
Train anywhere in UK
We come to you!
We come to you!
Expert training and advice
Expert training and advice

On-Site Training Costs

From £360 PER DAY

Costs vary with number of candidates and experience levels. Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Please note
  • Further discounts may be negotiable subject to filling various late vacant dates.
  • All on-site courses are subject to £40 travelling costs within a 50 mile radius.
  • Courses outside the 50 mile radius will be determined at the time of booking.
  • Prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.
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